Aklo / The Arrival [2014]

  1. The Arrival (feat. Jay’ed) [Prod. by Bachlogic]
  2. Break the Records [Prod. by Bachlogic] Music Video
  3. No x 3 [Prod. by Saltwater]
  4. Turn Up [Prod. by Bachlogic]
  5. RGTO (feat. Salu, H. Teflon & K Dub Shine) [Prod. by Gaius Okamoto] Music Video
  6. JigenBakudan [Prod. by Bachlogic]
  7. Butterfly [Prod. by Jigg]
  8. I Don’t Care (feat. Crystal Kay) [Prod. by Bachlogic]
  9. Zuwai [Prod. by Bachlogic & Jigg]
  10. Catch Me If You Can (feat. Kreva) [Prod. by Bachlogic]
  11. BGM [Prod. by Saltwater]
  12. Blind [Prod. by Jigg]

iTMS Bonus Track & Tower Records Limited Disc

  • Beak the Records (Remix feat. Kohh & Kan a.k.a. Gami) [Prod. by Bachlogic]