GOLBY「Rhyme, Camera, Action」[2015]

  1. What’s Reason [Prod. by HIRORON]
  2. Rhyme, Camera, Action [Prod. by DJ AKKI & HIRORON] Music Video
  3. Word Disco (feat. KOPERU) [Prod. by KO-ney]
  4. I live with liquor [Prod. by HIRORON]
  5. B-BOY STANCE [Prod. by B.T.Reo]
  6. あの日、あの時 (feat. NAIKA MC) [Prod. by B.T.Reo]
  7. 音のなる方に [Prod. by B.T.Reo]
  8. Gonna be alright [Prod. by HIRORON]
  9. SO GOOD [Prod. by Kapper & HIRORON]
  10. 道 [Prod. by KO-ney] Music Video
  11. 変わらないまま、変わってこう [Prod. by hokuto]