GUINNESS「Me And The Pepas」[2013]

  1. Intro -近況報告- [Prod. by Kemui]
  2. Both arms [Prod. by Flammable]
  3. C.A.L.I (feat. One-law) [Prod. by One-law]
  4. T.W.E.E.T. [Prod. by T. Tanaka]
  5. Skit -for m- [Prod. by Flammable]
  6. Musk [Prod. by Dj Mariah chaly]
  7. Sexcusme? (feat. Onz) [Prod. by PUNPEE]
  8. Document shit [Prod. by Noz]
  9. 先入観は罰、固定観念は悪 (feat. B.D. & NORIKIYO) [Prod. by T. Tanaka]
  10. Green soul (feat. 25時の影絵) [Prod. by Noz]
  11. Skit -tuff city grove- [Prod. by Noz]
  12. Future (feat. S.l.a.c.k. & ISSUGI) [Prod. by Noz]
  13. Berry merry jane (feat. Onz) [Prod. by dr.d]
  14. Memory (feat. BES) [Prod./ by T. Tanaka]
  15. Outro [Prod. by T. Tanaka]