1. Medical [Prod. by DJ A-KAY]
  2. Friday The 13th [Prod. by Dee.C]
  3. Howling (feat. YOUNG FREEZ) [Prod. by JIGG] Music Video
  4. G.O.O.D Day [Prod. by Dee.C]
  5. Time Line [Prod. by JIGG]
  6. Power [Prod. by DJ A-KAY]
  7. Pigg [Prod. by ist]
  8. Yes or No?? [Prod. by JIGG]
  9. Have A Strong Will [Prod. by DJ A-KAY]
  10. Chop&Roll (feat. HOOLIGANZ) [Prod. by Dee.C]
  11. I Just Wanna Chill [Prod. by JIGG]
  12. Don’t Stop The Party (feat. ist) [Prod. by ist]
  13. ゴミ箱の中 [Prod. by DJ A-KAY] Music Video