1. The Introduction
  2. Bonnie And Clyde (feat. MARIN)
  3. Talking To You (feat. DABO)
  4. Hate My Life [Prod. by LostFace] Music Video
  5. Heaven In The Hell
  6. Don Dada (feat. Rudebwoy Face)
  7. 6:00 In The Morning
  8. Boom Boom Bap (feat. DJ TY-KOH, SMITH-CN) Music Video
  9. Mc Iz My Ambition (feat. B.D., T2K a.k.a. Mr. Tee)
  10. Da Bixxez [Scratched by DJ 8MAN]
  11. Devils Are Happy
  12. Lonely Part II
  13. 11:00 PM
  14. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
  15. The Story Music Video