SALU「In My Shoes」[2012]

  1. Balance [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  2. Burn It [Prod. by OHLD]
  3. Stand Hard [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  4. Just a Conversation [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  5. Daredevil [Prod. by OHLD]
  6. It’s Ya Boy.. [Prod. by OHLD]
  7. The Watcher on Woods [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  8. Kaze [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  9. Taking a Nap [Prod. by BACHLOGIC] Music Video
  10. Butterfly Effect [Prod. by OHLD]
  11. The Girl on a Board (feat. H. Teflon) [Prod. by BACHLOGIC] Music Video
  12. In Your Shoes [Prod. by OHLD] Live Video
  13. 夢から醒めた夢 [Prod. by OHLD]
  14. To Come Into This World (feat. H. Teflon) [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]

Tower Records & iTMS Bonus Track
Stand Hard (Remix feat. SIMON, NORIKIYO, AKLO, Y’S & BACHLOGIC) Music Video