TERIYAKI BOYZ「Serious Japanese」[2009]

  1. Please Come Intro! [Prod. by Ad-Rock]
  2. Work That (feat. Pharrell Williams & Chris Brown) [Prod. by Pharrell Williams] Music Video
  3. After 5 (A.M.) (feat. Mademoiselle Yulia) [Prod. by Towa Tei]
  4. Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) [Prod. by Wise “The Gold Pen” / Pharrell Williams]
  5. Sweet Girl (feat. Dondria) [Prod. by J. Dupri / Lionel Richie]
  6. Teriya-King (feat. Kanye West & Big Sean) [Prod. by V.L. Veasey]
  7. 5th Element (feat. Cornelius) [Prod. by Keigo Oyamada / Ryo-Z]
  8. Serious Japanese [Prod. by M. Ronson]
  9. Zock-On! (feat. Pharrell Williams & Busta Rhymes) [Prod. by Pharrell Williams] Music Video
  10. (Can’t) “Bake” That “Fape” (feat. Kan Takagi & Ad-Rock) [Prod. by Ad-Rock]
  11. いつも It’s More [Prod. by Nico Ramsen / D. West / Mike Oldfield] Music Video
  12. I still love H.E.R. (Album Mix) (feat. Kanye West) [Prod. by Cynthia Biggs / Dexter Wansel] Music Video
  13. Get The Hell Outro [Prod. by Ad-Rock]
  14. Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) (Remix feat. Pusha T & Fam-Lay) [Prod. by Pharrell Williams]