1. Hell-O My Name Is… [Prod. by Olive Oil]
  2. I Pay Back [Prod. by Himuki]
  3. Bloody Ink [Prod. by DJ Kazz-K]
  4. Hell’s Bells (feat. Buppon & Yuksta-Ill) [Prod. by Young G]
  5. Word…Live (feat. 田我流) [Prod. by Southpaw Chop]
  6. S.A.P.P.O.R.A.W. (feat. Elias) [Prod. by Nagmatic]
  7. Remember In Last December [Prod. by Ingenious DJ Makino] Music Video
  8. Matchstick Spit [Prod. by Pentaxx B.F] Music Video
  9. See Evil, Listen Evil, Speak No Evil [Prod. by Punpee]
  10. Now Is Not The Time [Prod. by Ingenious DJ Makino]
  11. We Were, We Are (feat. B.I.G. Joe) [Prod. by Lil’ J] Music Video
  12. 44 Years Old (feat. You The Rock★) [Prod. by DJ Yas] Interview
  13. Living In The Future [Prod. by DJ Krush]
  14. Above The Wall [Prod. by DJ Kazz-K]
  15. …Released All [Prod. by grooveman Spot]
  • 初回購入特典: And Again [Prod. by Mr. Beats a.k.a. DJ Celory]