1. The Cartel From Streets
  2. Only God Can Judge Me Music Video
  3. FXXk Off
  4. HIP HOP 4 Life (feat. HOKT, Kayzabro, BIG RON)
  5. Around My Hood
  6. WAYA
  7. A to Z (feat. ZANG HAOZI)
  8. They Don’t Know
  9. 雨音 (feat. LA BONO)
  10. CROWZ (feat. Phobia Of Thug (Mr. OZ GANXTA CUE), Lil’J)
  11. C・H・A・B・A・N
  12. ダッチ
  13. Skit ~追憶の夜~
  14. And I Love You So Music Video
  15. Sun Rise
  16. Lookin’ In My Eyez
  17. The Last Song ~My Love Epilogue~ (feat. ARIA)
  18. 69 Party (feat. DJ MOTO a.k.a. DON GRANDE)