1. Intro [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  2. K.H.B.K. [Prod. by BACHLOGIC] Music Video
  3. I’m A Rapper [Prod. by LUCHA] Live Video
  4. Growth [Prod. by BUGZY]
  5. Mic Check [Prod. by BUDO]
  6. Change The Game (feat. RYUZO) [Prod. by LUCHA]
  7. Skit (feat. 太華) [Beatbox by 太華]
  8. No Big Deal / RUFF NECK [Prod. by BUGZY]
  9. Ghetto Fabulous (feat. M.O.S.A.D.) [Prod. by “E”qual]
  10. 9 Block [Prod. by BUGZY]
  11. Rainy Dayz [Scratched by DJ HAZIME]
  12. One For The… [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  13. You Know I’m A Man [Prod. by FIRST HEAT]
  14. Home Sweet Home [Prod. by BUGZY]
  15. Represent [Prod. by KNOCK-EYE]
  16. Luck Last (feat. LA BONO & AK-69) [Prod. by YAKKO]
  17. Ghetto Superstar (feat. WARNERMAKER) / G.S.S. [Prod. by LUCHA]
  18. Happy End [Prod. by タイプライター]