Zeebra「Black World / White Heat」[2011]

  • Black World
  1. The God [Prod. by GUNHEAD]
  2. Take Over (All Guns Up) [Prod. by RYU-JA]
  3. Pop (feat. Kダブシャイン & DJ OASIS) [Prod. by dj honda]
  4. Fighters Anthem (feat. ANARCHY) [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  5. Blue (feat. AI) [Prod. by YS-11 (DJ YUTAKA & SWING-O a.k.a. 45)] Music Video
  6. Gang On The Backstreet (feat. 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ) [Prod. by Zeebra, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA] Music Video
  7. Cruisin’ (Skit)
  8. ジャングル・クルーズ [Prod. by dee.c]
  9. The Illest [Prod. by D.Focis]
  10. Last O.G. [Prod. by Zeebra]
  11. Keep On [Prod. by D.Focis]
  12. One Hip Hop (feat. Zeebra) / DJ Mitsu The Beats
  • White Heat
  1. Android [Prod. by JAM KANE]
  2. Butterfly City (feat. RYO the SKYWALKER, Mummy-D & DOUBLE) [Prod. by DJ Hasebe] Music Video
  3. Money In My Pocket (feat. NaNa) [Prod. by Ryosuke Imai] Music Video
  4. Fly Away [Prod. by Vaxim] Music Video
  5. Super DJ [Prod. by dee.c]
  6. Venus In The Underground [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  7. One And Only (feat. BIG RON) [Prod. by TRAMP]
  8. My Applebum [Prod. by TRAMP]
  9. Dream Team (feat. DAG FORCE) [Prod. by RYU-JA]
  10. Endless Summer (feat. COMA-CHI) [Prod. by GEEK a.k.a. DJ TAIKI]
  11. Love Shines (Butter Smoother) (feat. Sugar Soul & Zeebra) / DJ Hasebe
  12. Fire (feat. Zeebra) (No Nukes Rebirth) / DEXPISTOLS