Zeebra「World Of Music」[2007]

  1. World Of Music (intro) [Prod. by Inovader]
  2. 運命 [Prod. by Inovader]
  3. Reason (Let U Know) (feat. SIMON & D.O) [Prod. by Focis]
  4. Top Of The World [Prod. by D-Originu]
  5. Back Stage Boogie (feat. BES, 565 & UZI) [Prod. by 318]
  6. Not Your Boyfriend (feat. Jesse) [Prod. by Zeebra]
  7. We Leanin’ [Prod. by Focis]
  8. Shinin’ Like A Diamond (feat. Sphere of Influence & May J.) [Prod. by DJ HASEBE]
  9. Stop Playin’ A Wall [Prod. by Focis]
  10. This Is 4 The Locos feat.DS455&Big Ron [Prod. by DJ PMX]
  11. 360° (feat. OJ Flow, KM-Markit, Aktion, Braidz, Gotz & UZI) [Prod. by Zeebra]
  12. Lyrical Gunman [Prod. by D-Originu]
  13. Everybody Needs Love [Prod. by Geek a.k.a. Dj TAIKI]
  14. My People (feat. 加藤ミリヤ) [Prod. by Buzzer Beatz]
  15. 雲の上のHeaven [Prod. by Inovader]
  16. Last Song [Prod. by Jashwon & T-KC]