1. INTRO [Prod. by SHIMI]
  2. SUPER SONICS [Prod. by SHIMI] Music Video
  3. SCRATCH YOUR WORLD [Prod. by DJ blu] Music Video
  4. 希望のうた [Prod. by SHIMI] Music Video
  5. Heating System [Prod. by CHIVA]
  6. Movie Star (feat. SWAY) [Prod. by CHIVA]
  7. The Champ Is Here [Prod. by SHIMI]
  8. N.O.B.O.S.E. (feat. Natural Radio Station) [Prod. by CHIVA]
  9. Skit [Prod. by SHIMI]
  10. Sonic Boom [Prod. by SHIMI]
  11. アポシナ (feat. KEN THE 390) [Prod. by SHIMI]
  12. この瞬間が続きますように [Prod. by ALI-KICK]
  13. アイツ [Prod. by LostFace]
  14. SUPER SONICS (IZOHmental) [Prod. by SHIMI]
  15. Promise [Prod. by BACHLOGIC]
  16. Freshest Kids (feat. DAG FORCE) [Prod. by SHIMI] Music Video