Zeebra「25 To Life」[2013]

  1. The Last Letter [Prod. by DJ Watarai]
  2. Hit ‘Em Hard [Prod. by Habanero Posse]
  3. Hate That Booty (feat. Y’s & Kohh) [Prod. by Jashwon] Music Video
  4. Sound Of Money [Prod. by Jashwon]
  5. Exit (feat. 福原美穂) [Prod. by YMG & Mido]
  6. We Twisted (feat. Ish-One) [Prod. by D Focus]
  7. Tequila Monsters (feat. 565, Uzi & Big Ron) [Prod. by Lil’諭吉]
  8. Mr. Miyagi [Prod. by Dee. C]
  9. Moonlight Music Video
  10. Sunshine (feat. Toku) [Prod. by DJ Celory a.k.a. Mr. Beats]
  11. Young Soldier [Prod. by DJ Tama a.k.a. SPC Finest] Music Video
  12. 夢でずっと (feat. Simon Jap) [Prod. by Jashwon]
  13. I Do It [Prod. by Shimi]

“25 To Life” WZBR Exclusive Tracks

  • Hit ‘Em Hard (Extended Mix)
  • Jackin’ 4 Party Audio
  • Number One Fan