Zeebra「Tokyo s Finest」[2003]

  1. Intro [Prod. by FIRSTKLAS]
  2. Touch the sky [Prod. by FIRSTKLAS]
  3. ウィークエンド (feat. MIHO BROWN, Tyler) [Prod. by FIRSTKLAS]
  4. SUPATECH (what’s my name?) [Prod. by D-Originu]
  5. Teenage Love [Prod. by SUBZERO]
  6. The System [Prod. by GP]
  7. 東京’s Finest (feat. BIG-O) [Prod. by INOVADER]
  8. Perfect Queen [Prod. by FIRSTKLAS]
  9. 男たちの蛮歌 (feat. OJ&ST, KM-MARKIT, UZI) [Prod. by 山田マン]
  10. Big Big Money (feat. HIRO) [Prod. by FIRSTKLAS]
  11. burnitup (feat. FIRE BALL) [Prod. by TC Movements]
  12. After Party (feat. 安室奈美恵) [Prod. by FIRSTKLAS]
  13. Golden Mic (Remix feat.KASHI DA HANDSOME, AI, 童子-T, 般若) [Prod. by DJ MASTERKEY]