ANARCHY「Dream and Drama」[2008]

  1. Awakening [Prod. by B Money]
  2. Composition of Pain [Prod. by Seeb]
  3. Fate [Prod. by Blast Off Productions] Music Video
  4. Blood In Me [Prod. by B Money]
  5. 60 Bars Dream [Prod. by B Money]
  6. Interlude [Prod. by B Money]
  7. Drama King (feat. Tina) [Prod. by Blast Off Productions]
  8. Forbidden Fruit (feat. Hirom Jr.) [Prod. by B Money]
  9. Devil [Prod. by B Money]
  10. Rock Star (feat. Tina) [Prod. by B Money]
  11. Better Tomorrow (feat. Hirom Jr.) [Prod. by Blast Off Productions]
  12. My Words [Prod. by Blast Off Productions] Teaser
  13. Sky Limit [Prod. by Bugzy]