1. Intro [Prod. by MURO]
  2. Side B [Prod. by MURO]
  3. K.I.N.G. [Prod. by MURO]
  4. Broken Memory (feat. RUDEBWOY FACE) [Prod. by MURO]
  5. Capture The Flag (feat. RYUZO & CHOZEN LEE) [Prod. by MURO]
  6. Grand Theft Auto [Prod. by MURO]
  7. Devilman (feat. RINO LATINA II & DABO) [Prod. by MURO]
  8. Magic Hour (feat. PUSHIM) [Prod. by MURO] Music Video
  9. Go Johnny Go! (feat. NAUGHTY) [Prod. by MURO]
  10. 6 Feet Deep (feat. OZROSAURUS) [Prod. by MURO]
  11. Playing In The Ghetto [Prod. by MURO] Music Video