1. The Theme [Prod. by YGSP]
  2. Energy Drink [Prod. by AVA1ANCHE] Live Video
  3. Shake Dat Ass (feat. Aisha) [Prod. by Habanero Posse] Music Video
  4. VVVIP (feat. Verbal) [Prod. by Major Dude]
  5. Moon Child (feat. Kohh) [Prod. by Mally the Martian]
  6. Spiral [Prod. by Bachlogic]
  7. Cry [Prod. by Blast Off Productions]
  8. Love Song (feat. Aisha) [Prod. by 理貴]
  9. Right Here [Prod. by John Fontein] Music Video
  10. Good Day (feat. Jesse) [Prod. by 理貴]