1. Head [Prod. by Quviokal]
  2. Music Valkyrie 2 [Prod. by Fragment] Music Video
  3. How to Make Masterpieces [Prod. by Kuma the Sureshot]
  4. Aeon Mall (feat. Kakumakushaka) [Prod. by Seiichi Kuroda]
  5. Karikachura [Prod. by Sunnova]
  6. Nobody Knows [Prod. by Shokuhinmatsuri]
  7. Home Universe [Prod. by the mornings]
  8. Request [Prod. by munnrai]
  9. Recruit
  10. Rapper of Tochigi [Prod. by Fragment]
  11. This Broken Country [Prod. by Jr,TEA from ∈nya-5ang]

Give Me [Prod. by™]