1. What’s My Name [Prod. by NAO THE LAIZA & RAGSIX] Music Video
  2. Look Into My Eyez [Prod. by AKIO BEATS]
  3. Paper Chaser (feat. JAGGLA) [Prod. by AKIO BEATS]
  4. Rent A Car (feat. LA BONO CAPO) [Prod. by NAO THE LAIZA & RAGSIX]
  5. Rain Maker [Prod. by Flammable] Music Video
  6. Puff Puff Pass [Prod. by AKIO BEATS]
  7. Who I Be [Prod. by 774]
  8. Summer Time Lover (feat. RYUZO) [Prod. by Lil’ OGI]
  9. My M.I.C [Prod. by NAO THE LAIZA & RAGSIX]
  10. In My Life [Prod. by Blast Off Productions]
  11. The Hard Way [Prod. by NAO THE LAIZA]
  12. Mary Jane [Prod. by NAO THE LAIZA]
  13. ロクデナシのStory (feat. BOXER KID) [Prod. by 774]
  14. Osaka City (feat. 韻踏合組合) [Prod. by NAO THE LAIZA]
  15. Miss You (feat. MISON-B) [Prod. by 774]