HAIIRO DE ROSSI「forte」[2011]

  1. Stained Glass [Prod. by Pigeondust]
  2. Ultimate Arts [Prod. by HIMUKI]
  3. Learn Dirty Japanese [Prod. by EeMu]
  4. Good Bye Kidz Hip Hop [Prod. by Pigeondust]
  5. Drug Ballad (This Is You) (feat. Grace) [Prod. by YAKKLE] Music Video
  6. Forte [Prod. by SR23] Music Video
  7. Shout8.27 [Prod. by EeMu]
  8. Wake Up [Prod. by EeMu]
  9. Training Day (feat. 宙チート, TAKUMA THE GREAT) [Prod. by %C]
  10. donadona [Prod. by EeMu]
  11. 冬Jazz [Prod. by Pigeondust]
  12. Freestyle Boggie [Prod. by %C]
  13. S.K.I.L.L.Z (feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT, BAN & 万寿) [Prod. by Legro] Music Video
  14. 夕陽が落ちて行く前に [Prod. by EeMu]
  15. Honey (feat. Grace) [Prod. by JUELS]
  16. Baby Baby [Prod. by Legro]
  17. Blue Bird Classic [Prod. by %C]
  18. Outro [Prod. by Pigeondust]