ISSUGI「The Joint LP」[2010]

  1. The JOINT intro [Prod. by MASS-HOLE]
  2. NEWDAY (feat. 仙人掌) [Prod. by 16FLIP]
  3. Big Mouth [Prod. by 16FLIP]
  4. The ANTHEM [Prod. by MASS-HOLE]
  5. Mr.Rampage (feat. Mr.PUG) [Prod. PUNPEE]
  6. JusRhyme LP (Remix) [Prod. by 16FLIP]
  7. Timeisnow (feat. O.Y.G) [Prod. by Budamunky]
  8. Fine but sad weather [Prod. Budamunky]
  9. SICK (feat. TAMU) [Prod. by 16FLIP]
  10. Staystrong interrude [Prod. by Malik]
  11. JusMusic (feat. YAHIKO) [Prod. by 16FLIP]
  12. Cloudin (feat. S.L.A.C.K.) [Prod. by Malik]
  13. KINGDOM [Prod. by 16FLIP]
  14. The JOINT outro [Prod. by GRADIS NICE as K-MOON X]