1. INTRO [Prod. by DJ 琥珀]
  2. LIFE STYLE MASTA [Prod. by OLIVE OIL] Music Video
  3. AM5時から男の底力 [Prod. by OLIVE OIL]
  4. ILLBROS (feat. 漢 a.k.a. GAMI) [Prod. by DJ BAKU] Music Video
  5. Fight The Power (feat. SIDERIDE) [Prod. by DJ PERRO a.k.a. DOGG]
  6. SKIT [Prod. by DJ 琥珀]
  7. マジなネットワーク (feat. JUSWANNA) [Prod. by DJ MASH]
  8. BORN 2 BONE (feat. 山仁) [Prod. by HT_66]
  9. BITCH BASTA [Prod. by HT_66 / cuts by DJ KEN-ONE]
  10. it’s so Good (feat. NORIKIYO) [Prod. by I-DeA]
  11. CENTRAL TOKYO (feat. Silver Buck) [Prod. by HT_33]
  12. City Dreamer [Prod. by OLIVE OIL]
  13. 禁断の惑星 (feat. 志人) [Prod. by DJ KENSEI] Music Video
  14. Grand Masta Bater (feat. キエるマキュウ) [Prod. by Illicit Tsuboi]
  15. Rockin a Pocket [Prod. by MAKI THE MAGIC]
  16. OUTRO [Prod. by DJ 琥珀]