1. 光の波紋/break of dawn [Prod. by Young-G]
  2. 買ってはいけない [Prod. by DJ Whitesmith] Lyric Video
  3. Be the change [Prod. by CAV3]
  4. 学問の門弟 [Prod. by CAV3]
  5. オロボロス [Prod. by Young-G]
  6. コントロール (feat. Shing02) [Prod. by CEASE]
  7. Nakanaka [Prod. by EVISBEATS]
  8. ダンス [Prod. by EVISBEATS]
  9. このスタイル [Prod. by EVISBEATS] Music Video
  10. イエティ [Prod. by ION MYKE]
  11. 浄火 [Prod. by ION MYKE]
  12. SLEEP [Prod. by おみゆきCHANNEL]