KEN THE 390「#7」[2014]

  1. Flowers [Prod. by ist]
  2. 無重力ガール [Prod. by Bachlogic] Music Video
  3. Shock (feat. Sky-Hi, Kreva & Mummy-D) [Prod. by Kreva] Lyric Video / Live Video
  4. 2階建ての家を買おう [Prod. by ist]
  5. It’s My Business [Prod. by Annebeats]
  6. Who’s Gonna Change (feat. Yurika, Klooz & Koperu) [Prod. by DJ Watarai]
  7. Chase (feat. Takuma The Great, Fork, Ish-One & サイプレス上野) [Prod. by DJ Watarai] Live Video / Music Video
  8. Kick it [Prod. by Annebeats]
  9. #7 Interlude [Prod. by ist]
  10. 歓喜の時 [Prod. by ist]
  11. いつかきっとまた会えるまで [Prod. by ist] Music Video
  12. Runnin’ [Prod. by ist]
  13. Hello Goodbye (feat. Taro Soul) [Prod. by ist]
  14. Midnight Boogie (feat. Taro Soul) [Prod. by Funk入道]