V.A.「SKY-HI Presents FLOATIN LAB」[2012]

  1. One By One (feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT, ZEUS & BRGK, R-指定, SQUASH SQUAD, JAZEE MINOR, DAG FORCE) [Prod. by Otowa] Making Video 1 / Making Video 2 / Music Video
  2. Critical Point (feat. TARO SOUL, KEN THE 390) [Prod. by Shimi] Making Video / Music Video
  3. Whiplash (feat. RAU DEF, 環ROY) [Prod. by Sunny Boy] Making Video / Music Video
  4. Subway (feat. ポチョムキン, EGO, ALI-KICK) [Prod. by Ali-Kick] Making Video / Music Video
  5. Tumbler (feat. KLOOZ, MIHIRO-マイロ-) [Prod. by Gunhead] Making Video / Music Video
  6. Inside My Mind (feat. AKLO) [Prod. by I-DeA] Making Video / Music Video
  7. Welcome To The Paradise [Prod. by Kenken]
  8. Mind Control [Prod. by Igoda]
  9. Fiction [Prod. by Shin-Ski]
  10. A Girl In The Browser [Prod. by サカモト教授]
  11. 糸 [Chorus by 津野米咲, Prod. by 真部脩一]
  12. Subway -Original Session- with Snatch”

iTMS Bonus Track

  • One By One Remix -This is the LAB- (feat. KEN THE 390, TARO SOUL, RAU DEF, EGO, ポチョムキン, KLOOZ, NIHA-C & Moro) [Prod by Otowa] Audio