SQUASH SQUAD「objet」[2012]

  1. Intro [Prod. by S.L.A.C.K.]
  2. ウィルス [Prod. by Dinero]
  3. 街灯奇譚詩曲 (feat. SEEDA) (prod. Elmo Moncherie)
  4. Welcome To Tomorrow (feat. SKY-HI, KENTZ) [Prod. by Y.G.S.P]
  5. Once Again [Prod. by Flammable]
  6. Muccho Dinero Skit [Prod. by Dinero]
  7. Suicide Bounce [Prod. by Dinero] Music Video
  8. I Need Her [Prod. by Lil’諭吉]
  9. G7/Joint Intervation (feat. AKLO, TAKUMA THE GREAT, EGO,ISH-ONE, BRGK [Prod. by Flammable]
  10. Melt Down [Prod. by Y.G.S.P]
  11. Mystic River [Prod. Elmo Moncherie]
  12. Roll & Ride [Prod. JIGG]
  13. ラストダンス [Prod. Dinero]