BRGK and ZEUS「D.A.W.N」[2012]

  1. D.A.W.N [Prod. by WARDRUMZ]
  2. Run of the City [Prod. by GAS CRACKERZ]
  3. 62 Boyz (feat. T2K a.k.a. Mr.Tee & YOUNG FREEZ) [Prod. by KURABEATS]
  4. Amazin’ Dream (feat. DAZU-O) [Prod. by DIORI a.k.a. D-Originu]
  5. Skit -Last Dinner Pt. 1- [Prod. by LostFace]
  6. L.O.S.T [Produced by LostFace / Scratched by DJ KUSH]
  7. Never Change [Prod. by DJ KAJI]
  8. Skit -Last Dinner Pt.2- [Prod. by Flammable]
  9. Number -10 Commandments- [Prod. by INOVADER]
  10. Hang up (feat. 桜我 a.k.a. shu) [Prod. by BERABOW]
  11. Light shines in… [Prod. by JASHWON]