1. Adiantum Intro
  2. Outta Control [Prod. by HIRORON]
  3. Get Busy [Prod. by Chang kowloon]
  4. Dig It the Vintage (feat. ZEN-LA-ROCK) [Prod. by ANNE beats] Music Video
  5. ハチャメチャガール [Prod. by YASTERIZE]
  6. Zombies Coming (skit)
  7. Zombies (feat. KLOOZ, TAKUMA THE GREAT) [Prod. by YASTERIZE]
  8. Greedy Freaky [Prod. by NAO the LAIZA]
  9. Sunshine (feat. サイプレス上野, KEN THE 390)
  10. Memory Lane [Prod. by Hyrakane] Music Video
  11. Mm
  12. Take Action (Album ver) [Prod. by DJ WATARAI]