1. うたた寝 [Prod. by ALI-KICK]
  2. ゆめものがたり [Prod. by EVISBEATS]
  3. 月夜に提灯 (feat. BES,HIDADDY) [Prod. by ALI-KICK]
  4. 今宵は宴 (feat. 遊戯, Mr. Q) [Prod. by ALI-KICK]
  5. OOW!NOO!! [Prod. by Mr.FUKUSAN]
  6. BRING DA NOISE (feat. ごっちゃん,FIVE-OH) [Prod. by DJ WATARAI]
  7. FINE PLAY [Prod. by 前田和彦]
  8. 井の中の尋 [Prod. by ALI-KICK]
  9. 寝言 (SKIT) [Prod. by EVISBEATS]
  10. 言葉攻め (Chorus by LICANA) [Prod. by NAO THE LAIZA]
  11. SA.YO.NA.RA 〜逢いたない〜 (feat. KG) [Prod. by Mr.FUKUSAN]
  12. 道頓堀STATE OF MIND (feat. GAZZILA, SATUSSY) [Prod. by ALI-KICK]
  13. 空が白む前に [Prod. by MARUHIPROJECT]
  14. YEAAAHHHH!!!! [Prod. by EVISBEATS]
  15. おやすみなさい [Prod. by AKIOBEATS]