ZEUS「Raw Ore」[2011]

  1. INTRO -Raw Ore- [Prod. by 318]
  2. Deep or Cheap [Prod. by LOSTFACE / Scratched by DJ KUSH]
  3. Paint more (feat. BRGK & Guitar by 隼) [Prod. by CAMEL, Arranged by 318]
  4. Hood Sun [Prod. by 318]
  5. 50 & 50 (feat. 桜我 a.k.a. shu) [Prod. by Flammable]
  6. Skit [Prod. by CAPRICER]
  7. TOKYO TIMES [Prod. by Jazadocument]
  8. Sky’s the limit (Remix) (feat. 19Fresh & MONY13) [Prod. by N-MAGIC]
  9. Escape (feat. RAW-T, SMITH-CN) [Prod. by Flammable]
  10. Calmly and Burning (feat. CIMBA) [Prod. by CAMEL] Music Video
  11. 剣歯虎 -サーベルタイガー- (feat. Gami) [Prod. by SKY BEATZ / Voice by Many Artist]
  12. 石ころ [Prod. by Flammable]
  13. METALLIC BOYZ (feat. 寿, G.O) [Prod. by PBL]
  14. Vice City (feat. RYUZO) [Prod. by GASCRACKERZ]
  15. Myself (feat. BRGK) [Prod. by GAS CRACKERZ]
  16. For You -2011- [Prod. by Jazadocument]