1. new way new game (feat. KID FRESINO) [Prod. by RAMZA]
  2. FOR THE JAF [Prod. by RAMZA]
  3. VIVID [Prod. by BUSHMIND]
  4. YOU NO (feat. TOSHI蝮, FEBB) [Prod. by shobbieconz]
  5. I make it [Prod. by JJJ]
  6. Mothership Connection (feat. MARIA) [Prod. by The Anticipation “mad” Illicit Tsuboi]
  7. sho nuff bomb [Prod. by OMSB]
  8. FREE C [Prod. by GOLBY SOUND]
  9. Dr.HoFmaN [Prod. by RAMZA] Music Video
  10. Shit damn mother Fucker [Prod. by RAMZA]
  11. And so [Prod. by DJ HIGHSCHOOL]
  12. ウワッツラ [Prod. by The Anticipation Illicit Tsuboi]
  13. HIP HOP 女郎地獄 (feat. キエるマキュウ, TOSHI蝮) [Prod. by MAKI THE MAGIC]
  14. RE:TOKAI (feat. YUKSTA-ILL) [Prod. by SH BEATS]