1. Time Is Now [Prod. by Astro Hound]
  2. I Have A Dream (feat. Sugar Soul) [Prod. by Chris Mako] Music Video
  3. Island (feat. L-Vokal) [Prod. by Astro Hound]
  4. Isogashii [Prod. by Chris Mako] Music Video
  5. Bullet Train (feat. Ish-One) [Prod. by Joe Iron]
  6. Swaganese (feat. 2win (T-Pablow & Yzerr)) [Prod. by Astro Hound]
  7. Frenemy [Prod. by Joe Iron]
  8. Bonnie And Clyde [Prod. by DJ Kenn]
  9. To The World [Prod. by Mido]
  10. Ninja (feat. Zeebra) [Prod. by Mido]
  11. Back To The Future [Prod. by Chris Mako]
  12. Last Train [Prod. by Dj Makino]