KEN THE 390「WEEKEND」[2015]

  1. Clap [Prod. by ANNE Beats] Music Video
  2. Like This Like That [Prod. by DJ WATARAI] Music Video
  3. Weekend Funk
  4. Now [Prod. by DJ WATARAI] Lyric Video
  5. Go DJ!!
  6. Take It EZ [Prod. by 竹内朋康] Music Video
  7. Bangin -Weekend Classic Edition- [Prod. by BYGdaddy] Music Video
  8. チンパンジー [Prod. by CHIVA] Music Video
  9. My Girl
  10. What About [Prod. by Yasterize] Music Video
  11. Ayo
  12. Pop!! (feat. SHUN, SWAY, KLOOZ) [Pro. by ANNE Beats] REC Making / MV Making  / Music Video